RFC: An app category for "adult" material?

Helen South helen.south at opensuse.org
Thu Nov 3 01:11:48 PDT 2011

> First, as Joseph has already stated, "adult" is a rather vague concept,
> extremely based on cultural factors.

True, but that's no reason to sidestep the issue. Better an attempted
solution than none.

> As for the "OMG, think of the children" problem, concerned parents should
> rather control which software they have installed on the computer accessible
> by their offspring, or even do white listing based on actually checking whether
> something is appropriate.

Whitelisting is a major PITA. As for monitoring children, we attempt
to do so, but there are limits. Especially when your child has been
brought up computer literate and navigates a software menu more easily
than a restaurant menu. When kids are experimenting with software and
programming the last thing they want to do is have to call for mum
every time they need administrator access.

As a writer, I'm all for categorization and rating. It helps both
writers and readers. The writer can be creative and explore all
aspects of human relationships if they so wish, and the reader can
choose what they read based on the rating. There's no nasty surprises.



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