[RFC] Fixing the Desktop Menu Specification.

Peter Brett peter at peter-b.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 08:25:12 PST 2011

Vincent Untz <vuntz at gnome.org> writes:

>> > That's why I prefer having a recommended applications.menu in the spec.
>> How about both: remove the distinction between category classes, *and*
>> include a recommended applications.menu?
> That could work, yes.

Okay, cool.

> I'd really like other people to voice their +1 and/or -1... If nobody
> else replies to this thread within the next week, I'll just consider we
> can go crazy and do what we want with the spec.

How about putting my initial patches in, then refine more extensive
changes. :-)

It's a bit hard to maintain my righteous fury at the unhelpfulness of
freedesktop.org specification maintainers when they go around being
all reasonable at me...

                   Peter ;-)

Peter Brett <peter at peter-b.co.uk>
Remote Sensing Research Group
Surrey Space Centre

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