[RFC] Metadata access and storage

Anders Feder anders at feder.dk
Wed Sep 7 16:04:26 PDT 2011

Den 07-09-2011 23:17, Jürg Billeter skrev:
> I'm currently favoring a more modular approach where we define a core 
> storage API that is based on the RDF model but is kept much simpler. 
> That is, I would no longer use SPARQL (or any other query language) on 
> the lowest level and instead provide a simple CRUD API on the level of 
> RDF resources.
Cool, that is very much what I've been aiming for - though in the 
reverse direction. What I propose is capturing your use case (E-D-S 
pushing CRUDs to Tracker) and my use case (Tracker pulling triples from 
E-D-S) in a single, backend agnostic interface. Then one can apply this 
interface to Tracker, E-D-S, Soprano or whatever backend one sees fit to 
achieve compatibility with the rest of the desktop.

Here are the primitives I've been operating with:

InsertStatement (triple)
MatchStatements (pattern)
DeleteStatement (triple)

MatchStatements returns solutions satisfying a basic graph pattern, the 
other two are self-explanatory.

What primitives do you imagine would be needed? Are the three above 
low-level enough?

Anders Feder

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