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Mon Dec 10 00:08:36 PST 2012

On 03/12/12 14:23, Rita wrote:
> I am trying to compile libXft 2.3.0 . The compile goes fine however when
> I do a make it complains about this.
> grep: /usr/lib64/ <>: No such file or directory
> I have my expat-2.1.0 in a different location and I placed it in
> I have also tried doing, LDGLAGS="-L/software/expat-2.1.0/lib"
> ./configure  and still it complains about this. Is there something else
> I need to do?
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You don't need, you should grep your system's other *.la 
files and remove any reference to, or replace them with 
references of -lexpat so the linker (libtool in this case) will directly 
link to the .so instead of trying to pull the info from the .la

Something like:

find /usr -name '*.la' -exec grep {} +

Then either delete the files it finds, or edit them as I suggested before

But yeah, definately wrong list, this question is more suitable for the 
libtool mailing list, or perhaps your distribution's

- Samuli

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