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Fri Feb 17 01:38:34 PST 2012

Hi all,
I'm glad to announce the first release candidate of "exdgmime" library.

So, here is the changes:

 - serialization/deserialization of content of ".desktop" and
".list" files (with indexes) into a binary cache file which can be mmap'ed
without need to rescan whole system directories. Reading of this cache
file is done without a single allocation of memory (just update pointers
in mmap'ed memory);

 - separete implementation of "Desktop Entry Specification",
"Icon Theme Specification" and "Shared MIME-info Database" (the only
shared code is implementation of "Base Directory Specification");

 - a cmake project configuration file which contains two targets:
"update-applications-cache" (it is executable which rebuilds the cache) and
"doc" (generates Doxygen documentation);

 - a convinient access to localized values of entries of a ".desktop" files.

 - Doxygen documentation: interface of implementation of "Desktop Entry
Specification" and example of using this interface.

This changes were tagged as "rc-0.1.1"
here "https://github.com/ZeR0God/exdgmime".

Any suggestions, critics, requests are welcomed.

Best regards, Dmitriy.
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