FMPS update to support labels ?

Mathias Dietrich dietrichmathias at
Sat Jan 7 09:27:24 PST 2012


since Amarok supports labels for a song within it's database, there also
arised thoughts by the users to store these labes within the metadata of
the music files.

What do you think of extending the FMPS specs in a minor update, like
FMPS 1.1.1, to support labels ?

A possible tag name would be: FMPS_Labels
and an exemplay value would be:

2010 10s love_at_first_listen


"2010" "10s" "love at first listen"

What is your opinion of this thoughts ?

PS: Please note I am just a user and no developer, but I would really
like to see FMPS supporting this.

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