Can *.desktop files be located in /usr/local/applications?

jupiter jupiter.hce at
Sun Jul 1 03:06:24 PDT 2012

Thanks Kevin and Damjan. Of cause, not default locations. If I
understand correctly, the top - down desktop structure is from
directory entries ->  menu / submenu -> desktop entries. All I need do

(a) Create an additional directory to contain a

(b) Create a file to includes all my application desktop
entries in different locations.

(c) Add the to all users of a group.

Great and thank you very much.



Thank you.



On 6/30/12, Kevin Krammer <krammer at> wrote:
> On Saturday, 2012-06-30, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
>> On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 3:28 AM, jupiter <jupiter.hce at> wrote:
>> > Sorry for asking a simple quesiton, I am new to the freedesktop. I
>> > have read the latest spec, but still not clear if I can put
>> > application *.desktop to different locations such as
>> > /usr/local/application1/application1.desktop,
>> > /usr/local/application2/application2.desktop, etc.. If it can, what I
>> > should to do to make those applications listed in desktop based on
>> > user ID or group ID? Appreciate any helps.
>> >
>> > Thank you.
>> >
>> > Kind regards,
>> >
>> > Jupiter
>> /usr/local/share/applications is for *.desktop files that appear in
>> every user's menus.
>> $HOME/.local/share/applications is for *.desktop files that appear
>> only in that particular user's menus.
>> Both have to have a flat structure (no further subdirectories).
>> No per-group-ID *.desktop files are possible.
> Not with default locations but of course one could have additional
> directories, e.g. one per group that needs differentiation, and add that
> directory to the XDG_DATA_DIRS variable for all users of those groups.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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