Support for localized Exec entries, please

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Fri Jun 8 05:20:26 PDT 2012

Le lundi 28 mai 2012, à 09:51 +0200, Ronny Standtke a écrit :
> Hi all,
> >In addition to the difficulties with the proposed workaround for
> >the Exec key, I currently see no workaround for the URL and
> >NoDisplay keys.
> >Can we please solve the issue the easy way by bringing the already
> >existing wonderful flexibility of KDE into the spec?
> Is there any update on this?
> Is there any other process besides sending and discussing mails here
> to get the spec improved?

No, there's no other process. Just submit a patch. But it was already
pointed out that using a wrapper script would work too, and I personally
consider this would be the right way to approach what you're trying to



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