Icon names for browser and MUA

Vincent Untz vuntz at gnome.org
Mon Jun 18 01:29:35 PDT 2012

(cc'ing Rodney and Alex, since they are the people who dealt with
icon-related specs in the past)

Le jeudi 07 juin 2012, à 11:49 +0200, Guido Berhoerster a écrit :
> Hi,
> is there any reason why there are no standard icon names for a
> browser and MUA in the XDG Icon Naming Spec?
> "internet-web-browser"/"web-browser" and "internet-mail" seem to
> be in use for that already, could these be added to the spec?

Rodney, Alex, is this change fine with you? Can we go ahead and commit
this to xdg/default-icon-theme?

(I'm happy to get write access to the repo and do it if you want)



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