PyXDG licensing

Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Wed Jun 20 05:50:28 PDT 2012

(Resending from the email address I used for this list - apologies if
you receive this twice)

To: xdg <xdg at>, doctormo at, Heinrich
Maximilian Wendel <h_wendel at>

Hi all,

The source code for PyXDG as a whole is under LGPLv2 (as per the
COPYING file and the license field in However, xdg/
has a GPL header.

I guess this was a simple oversight from someone whose editor used a
template for new files, but obviously I can't change it without
checking. Can anyone confirm that this was an oversight? Or if it was
deliberate, please can I relicense the file as LGPL to fit in with the
rest of PyXDG? I'd much rather not rehash the great license debate,
but I don't think that strong copyleft is the best choice for code
implementing a specification like this.

CCed Matt Owens, who's listed first in the copyright notice on that file.

Best wishes,

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