OpenRaster specification: possibly migrate to the fd.o wiki?

Andrew Chadwick a.t.chadwick at
Wed Mar 21 15:29:02 PDT 2012

Hello, fd.o! My first post here.

I'm a developer working on an OpenRaster[0]-aware painting program
[1], but I've become hampered recently by the loss of the CREATE
project[2]'s wiki, which is where the working human-readable
specification for OpenRaster was kept[3] until recently. I'm seeking
to work on and extend the OpenRaster format in a couple of ways, but
also to make the text of it publicly available to other developers for
editing and improvement, and that's not possible with WayBack machine
copies and a private SQL dump of the previous wiki's blurb!

OpenRaster already exists as a FreeDesktop project, at least in the
bug tracker[4] and has much running code and schemas[5] for the
format's primary layers.xml file, plus support from two of the major
graphics programs out there. However it has very little in the way of
good, editable, public documentation and I'd like to change that, if I
may. It seems to me that the right place to move the specification is
somewhere under - would
that be acceptable? I think OpenRaster meets the fd.o Mission
Statement quite nicely.

I'm new to fd.o, but given that all we need right now is a small
amount of wiki space to host some explanations of the fields, what
values they can take, and their meanings, presumably I should just add
it in under ?
Suggestions for the right section to use would be welcome.

[0] A layered static raster graphics file format used by Krita, Gimp, and [1]
[1] MyPaint,

Andrew Chadwick

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