Proposal: preferred-theme-spec - a spec for getting and setting default icon/cursor/sound themes

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Mon Mar 26 11:15:07 PDT 2012

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> On 26/03/12 18:26, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> > FWIU, xsettings
> > is a way of storing the data -- this standard defines the data to be
> stored.
> No, xsettings is a way of accessing the data at runtime. The "storage"
> in xsettings is transient (X window properties),  so it's more like "use
> xsettings instead of D-Bus" than "use xsettings instead of
> ~/.config/whatever".
> The actual persistent configuration is an implementation detail of the
> settings manager; in GNOME 3, gnome-settings-daemon is the settings
> maanger, and it appears to read them from org.gnome.desktop.interface in
> DConf. In GNOME 2 they were probably in GConf instead.
> The point of using xsettings is that the settings are per X session
> (even in the presence of remote apps, or changes being made during an
> app's lifetime), as opposed to, say, being per home directory. If I run
> an application via remote X, it uses the same theme, double-click
> timeout, (etc.) as the local applications it shares an X session with,
> rather than reading these settings from the remote home directory and
> potentially getting different values.
> The initial use cases for xsettings given in the spec are "double click
> timeout, drag-and-drop threshold, and default foreground and background
> colors" - Gtk themes presumably came later.
> (I'm not saying that having settings managers get their settings for
> theme or double-click time or whatever from the same place wouldn't be a
> good thing, or expressing any opinion about where the Gtk theme should
> be stored; just pointing out that the use of xsettings has semantics
> that would not be provided by each app reading from its home directory.)
>    S

Ah, I see. This is out of my league though; if someone wants to propose an
addendum I'm not against it, but I still don't see it being too relevant to
this spec, more of an implementation detail.

J. Leclanche
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