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On Friday 04 May 2012 11:22:04 david at wrote:
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> Hi All,
> I'd got fed up with gnome-3 and tried unsuccessfully to go back to gnome-2.
> I elected to install opensuse 11.4 with LXDE - that I could install
> whatever software I wished and to change the boot splash - the log-on
> screen and the desktop background to reflect that I was using LXDE.
> Sadly with heavy branding these are quite complex issues to change (I've
> changed my desktop). "Boot-splash" and "Splashy" are installed but command
> line only and there's no help either at opensuse or in the help system.
> What I want is an 100 per cent LXDE desktop not a hard coded opensuse. The
> question I have is a simple one: How do I get to a 100 per cent LXDE
> environment?

You are emailing the wrong list, please email a LXDE-specific mailing-list 
about this.

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