open(1) removed from Debian? (was: 'open' instead of 'xdg-open' for usability?)

Sanel Zukan sanelz at
Tue Dec 24 06:11:55 PST 2013

> Fail to see the connection. I guess xdg, if it stands for X Desktop
> Group, would be obsolete soon if people move to Wayland or Mir based
> desktop.

I doubt this will happen, for two reasons:

 * there is code and software written using 'xdg' prefix
   (e.g. xdgmime) so unless someone feels extremely boring to rename
   all of that for the sake of new technology, better spent time on
   something else

 * how much Wayland/Mir will replace X, we will see. From my
   experience, product that tries to fix too much and promises too
   many things, well...

> BTW, I happen to know one breakage caused by Linux not having open(1)
> like OS X.

Does Windows has open(1)? Looks like these days people like to buzz
how OS X has this and that and we should have the same thing on
Linux. Why not use OS X instead?


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