open(1) removed from Debian? (was: 'open' instead of 'xdg-open' for usability?)

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Tue Dec 24 07:06:54 PST 2013

On Tuesday, 2013-12-24, 12:59:13, Ma Xiaojun wrote:

> Fail to see the connection. I guess xdg, if it stands for X Desktop
> Group, would be obsolete soon if people move to Wayland or Mir based
> desktop.

I think it is more reasonable to assume it stands for cross desktop. 
Most xdg specification and technologies are about sharing data and/or 
implementations between desktops/worspaces and between applications using 
different technology stacks.

There are a couple of X11 related specifications, such as the XDND spec, but 
most are not dependent on any specific technology or implementation, e.g. 
desktop-entry spec, mime spec, icon spec and so on.

> BTW, I happen to know one breakage caused by Linux not having open(1) like
> OS X.

Looks like the implementors either had not thought about cross platform 
integration or had no information about things outside the platform they are 
working on.

But it looks like there was some helpful comment addressing the latter, i.e. 
providing information about respective integration hooks on other platforms.

Whether the autor(s) will address the issue then depends on whether they want 
cross platform support or not. If they have no use or goal to support running 
their software on non OSX platforms, then they are unlikely to put efforts 
into it.


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