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Kostya Berger bergerkos at
Mon Dec 30 07:56:26 PST 2013

Hi everyone and thank you for your hard work.

I'm running FreeBSD 9.2 and trying to configure a custom desktop consisting of openbox wm,
pcmanfm file browser, midori web-browser etc. -- a minimalistic desktop configuration. No DE: no gnome, no lxde, no kde etc.

I also installed some gtk themese and icons, including engines and some gnome stuff.
THE PROBLEM: Now what I'm noticing is that some mime type icons are not displayed by the file browser, other ones are ugly while better ones are installed in the same icon subfolder; so I started digging to figure out how this is being determined at all.

For example: certain icons are used, while other ones from the same icon set are not, file browser only shows file name and no icon.
At that the right-click menu offers the right app to handle the file... So, defining a certain "gtk-icon-theme-name" in my .gtkrc-2.0 makes no difference, as obviously icons from that theme ARE used, while others are not (all icons are PNG images, no difference there either).

As I understand it, update-mime-database plays its role in the process. But there are certain uncertanities, sorry for the pan :)
It is not clear to me, where update-mime-database utility is drawing its information on mime types and corresponding apps??
The only folder containing FULL info on this is /usr/local/share/mime, with "application" subfolder having all the *.xml files defining each mime-type with an app to handle and icon to be used... Yet these are actually CREATED BY update-mime-database itself, as well as all files in the /usr/local/share/mime dir. So, everything in this dir is a direct RESULT of that utility, not the source it's drawing from.

WHERE does update-mime-database draw its data from when creating all these files, can anybody please tell me?
Because whatever files I HAVE found on my system so far, which would be more or less related to this, is all a RESULT of this utility, not the source of its "inspiration" so to say.
With kindest regards,
Kostya Berger
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