Removing OnlyShowIn / NotShowIn from desktop actions

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Jul 3 10:27:16 PDT 2013

Le 03/07/2013 17:29, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> in the specific example given, i really don't understand why a "start Qt
> project" would have anything whatsoever to do with the shell.

Because when you use an environment, there is a good chance you want to 
write an application using the framework used there.
It's somewhat a distribution issue, but it's an issue...

Let's say but under the default Ubuntu desktop we want our IDE to 
default to have an entry "create a project for Ubuntu Desktop" and an 
entry "create a project for Ubuntu Touch". That makes sense for us an 
our default desktop. Let's say we use qtcreator so we patch the .desktop 
to add those in Ubuntu. So far, so good. The issue is that, e.g Kubuntu 
is using the same package, and they probably don't want their default 
projects to including Ubuntu Touch ... you end up have different 
distribution/flavor/desktops wanting different items in their list.

Sure we could have 2 desktop files, a qtcreator-ubuntu.desktop with the 
Unity list and OnlyShowIn=Unity, and one qtcreator-kubuntu.desktop with 
OnlyShowIn=KDE ... but at this point we do use OnlyShowIn and we end up 
duplicate files on disks rather than just sections of the file. I'm not 
sure it's any better (I would even say it's less good since we have UI 
that list all available .desktop in some occasion and we do end up 
having confused users on the duplicate qtcreator entry)

Sebastien Bacher

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