Supporting mime types in desktop actions

David Faure faure at
Tue Mar 19 06:57:49 PDT 2013

On Friday 02 November 2012 16:58:23 Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> The idea behind the addition is to be able to specify *extra* actions in
> addition to the "main" one, so it would more likely look like
> image/png=myapp.desktop;myapp.desktop[Print];myapp.desktop[Share]
> And in a context menu it would look something like:
> ====
> Open
> Copy
> Open with... >
>  - My App (default)
>    -------
>  - Print with My App
>  - Share with My App

This doesn't look like a solution that allows translations to other languages 
than English.

What about defining multiple .desktop files? Then they can have translated 
names. Now that I see we're talking about "Open with...", standard desktop 
files would do the job just fine. You'll only need to order them correctly, 
which is currently not standard across DEs ... [/me adds yet another topic to 
the next meeting]

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