Stef Bon stefbon at
Thu Dec 18 08:48:36 PST 2014


I'm working on a backup sollution, using rsync and btrfs (and making snapshots).

My goal is to provide the user a very simple method to view (and if
possible) previous versions
of the files which are selected to backup.
Maybe possible a plugin for the gui filemanager (dolphin).

But while I'm working I wonder it would be wise to develop a backup
implementation independent part, which should be able to interface
with the different backup methods (apart from the one I use).

When having this, it should be easy to provide the backup abilities
and features in gui's, using the standard , without having to deal
with the backup method itself.

My method uses a mysql database for selecting the files to backup, and
a script to do the actual backup. Also I've got a FUSE fs which offers
easy access to different versions of a file.


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