defaults.list or mimeapps.list?

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Sun Feb 2 18:50:06 PST 2014

David Faure wrote:

> On Tuesday 21 January 2014 11:01:17 Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Jerome Leclanche wrote:
>> > I'm finding a lot of conflicting information. Which to use? I'm using
>> > mimeapps.list currently, I was certain defaults.list was the
>> > deprecated one but I need an official word on this.
>> See "Default application ordering" on
>> In effect, its a bit implementation specific... gnome uses defaults.list,
>> kde uses a mixture of InitialPreference= key and mimeapps.list
> This is a strange way of presenting it. The same mixture exists
> everywhere.
> The environment defaults are environment-specific, using defaults.list in
> Gnome and InitialPreference= in KDE.
> On top of that, mimeapps.list is standard, and can be used at the system
> level (/usr/share) by ISVs

In my experience, stuff set in mimeapps.list in /usr/share isn't used by 
gnome.  Should I go retest that?

-- Rex

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