OpenRaster spec updated: 0.0.4-pre.1

Andrew Chadwick a.t.chadwick at
Fri Feb 28 16:00:36 PST 2014

I've updated the ORA spec to incorporate the changes in the revised
proposal[1], and bumped the version to the dizzying heights of
0.0.4-pre.1. Ever onward and upward, brave rocketeers!

It's not a vast set of changes really, and hopefully quite in keeping
with what apps out there already do:

 * Layer groups can now be named.
 * Layer groups can now take opacities and composite-ops, and act like
layers generally.
 * For the first time we actually recommend a rendering model, which
will help deal with the can of worms this opens.
 * Backwards-compatible, at least if you were doing *only* the simple
things the core spec allowed before.
 * Two new composite-ops to make storing layer masks and group masks possible.

Is there anything more we need to do before this is finalized?
Personally I think getting some implementations out there and tested
would be of use, particularly with the mask stuff.


Andrew Chadwick

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