More about "intents": Several improvements to desktop files and caches

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Mon Jan 6 07:29:14 PST 2014

On Monday, 2014-01-06, 01:25:58, Jerome Leclanche wrote:

> There's a lot TBD still. For example: Do we require apps implementing
> an intent to support every method of the intent? I don't think it's
> necessary due to dbus introspection letting us figure out whether a
> method is supported.

If an intent has an associated D-Bus interface, then IMHO all methods should 
be available.

E.g. if I am a contact editor and have an optional feature to take a contact 
picture from the camera, then I would check the intents cache for 
If I find one (or the preferred one if there are more than on) I expect a call 
to xdg.intents.Camera.TakePicture to be available.

I don't want to have to start each camera provider to do runtime 

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