expanding the inhibit spec

Ryan Lortie desrt at desrt.ca
Tue Jan 7 22:30:54 PST 2014


On Tue, Jan 7, 2014, at 20:53, Ted Gould wrote:
> It seems to me that "logout" is a special case of "don't kill me."  This
> is because logout is basically just killing all the applications.

If you have applications that are designed to work in a framework that
may kill them at any time then they would certainly not want to use this
sort of mechanism to prevent themselves from being killed.

If (for example) memory pressure increased and caused the OS to decide
that it wants to quit my process, just about the last thing I'd want to
see is a randomly popping-up dialog asking me to save my documents. 
That's the sort of thing that this feature targets.

I think your usecase is very much different and will require
applications to be written differently to cope with it, in any case.


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