Modifying an existing desktop file's MimeTypes

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Sat Jan 11 04:36:50 PST 2014

El Dissabte, 11 de gener de 2014, a les 02:28:18, Jerome Leclanche va 
> Consider the following use case:
> "gimp" supports image/png. "gimp-webp-plugin" makes gimp support image/webp.
> How would gimp-webp-plugin declare that it makes another app support
> additional mime types? I don't think it's possible currently.
> Suggestions?

In Okular we just install another .desktop with the same main keys (Name, 
exec, type, etc) except it has a different mimetype and NoDisplay=true

That works fine under KDE but I've been told not so good under 
gnome/glib/gtk/whatever does the .desktop parsing.

IMHO it's quite a clean an easy way to do it, but I do not have much in depth 
knowledge of how this works/is supposed to work.


> Mime actions could theoretically do that (in a system-level
> mimeapps.list), but most package managers do not have the ability to
> modify a file shared by multiple packages (we'd have to create
> something silly like /usr/share/applications/actions.d/).
> J. Leclanche
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