ambiguity about the border property of output in randr spec 1.4

snyh snyh at
Thu Jan 23 01:02:11 PST 2014

   These border dimensions shrink the region of pixels displayed by the
        CRTC by the corresponding number of rows or columns, and is
*        after* the CRTC transform. For example, a mode with a 1920x1080
        region, border dimensions of [ 10, 20, 30, 40 ], and a ½x scaling
        transform would display a rectangle of 940x510 pixels from the
        pixmap scaled to 1880x1020 raster pixels positioned at (10, 20) in
        display raster space.

Is it should be "applied before" according to the example, ?

And it's not clear what's the meaning of "positioned at (10, 20)".
It's said that change border property of the output wouldn't change the
crtc position until next SetCrtcInfo has been sent,  but to compose a
SetCrtcInfo request, you must offer a new position information.  and then
which position information is valid after the request has  been sent?
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