[PATCH] desktop entry spec: Add "UsesNotifications" key

Ryan Lortie desrt at desrt.ca
Wed Feb 4 03:39:53 PST 2015


On Wed, Feb 4, 2015, at 06:21, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Huh? Are we talking about the same spec[1] that already exists and you
> implemented, and that we're discussing on xdg at lists.freedesktop.org?
> [1]:
> https://people.gnome.org/~mccann/docs/notification-spec/notification-spec-latest.html

Yes and no.  The linked spec is not the one that I that I had any
involvement in at all.

The one that we created recently is not (yet) a freedesktop spec.  It
uses org.gtk.Notifications.

org.freedesktop.Notifications is
https://developer.gnome.org/notification-spec/ (for which the canonical
version is apparently in Jon's homedir -- the one you link above).  I've
never had any involvement at all with this spec.

GNotification will use one or the other, depending on what is
implemented by the system.


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