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kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 06:20:05 UTC 2016

I'll try to get some form of unique identifier, but if I can't find one,
I'll file a bug. Should I include an override.xml file generated with
mime-editor? It's the only way I know of to make mimetypes. Would adding
support for this via gstreamer be possible? I'd like to eventually be
able to play these files with anything that can play through gstreamer,
and also to use gui converters to convert to different formats. This is
the wrong list for this, I'm only trying to understand what's required
to add codecs to gstreamer. I believe audible audio files are just
containers, they're not audio files themselves. They're a wrapper with
different format audio in them, usually mpeg layor 3 heavily compressed.
Kendell Clark

Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> You can use the command line hex editor you probably already have
> installed. hexdump -C file.aa | less. There's plenty of gui ones too.
> A magic number isn't required (nor even necessarily available), the
> .aa extension isn't used by anything else I believe so you could just
> use that.
> J. Leclanche
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 9:09 AM, kendell clark <coffeekingms at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hi
>> Thank you very much for that link. I now have some of the bits I need to
>> create a fully functioning mime type. The one thing I'm missing is a way
>> of uniquely identifying audible audio files without relying on the file
>> extension. If I can't find this, creating a mime type will be pretty
>> easy, but I'd prefer to  be able to uniquely identify the file type if
>> possible. It's amusing. The audible website swears that you can't
>> convert their files into other formats, and yet I did so via ffmpeg.
>> What else should I do? I can't seem to find an accessible hex editor, so
>> if anyone is willing to help me out there by getting some form of magic
>> info, integer, string, etc that I can use to single out the audible
>> format I'd really appreciate it. Don't worry, I'm not asking anyone to
>> do all the work for me, I'm still going to file the bug and make sure
>> everything complies with the mime spec.
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
>> Jerome Leclanche wrote:
>>> Your first step will be figuring out if there is any existing media
>>> type for this type of file.
>>> Looking at http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/formats/fdd/fdd000103.shtml#sign
>>> I see audio/audible
>>> audio/x-pn-audibleaudio, the latter which looks like it could be used in xdg.
>>> After that you'll want to file a bug on the freedesktop bugzilla
>>> (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/), and provide a patch if possible.
>>> There's other mime type requests on that bugzilla you can take example
>>> on.
>>> J. Leclanche
>>> On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 8:33 AM, kendell clark <coffeekingms at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> hi all
>>>> After a lot of digging through my cd collection, I came across an
>>>> audible audio file I had backed up who knows how long ago. I've been
>>>> wanting to create fully functioning mime types for this and it's
>>>> enhanced audio counterpart for a while now. I'm a complete novice at
>>>> this, so I'm looking for any willing helpers. I can upload the files
>>>> somewhere so if anyone decides to help me they can have access to them.
>>>> Note that these are legal files, legally obtained from audible with an
>>>> active account, mine. Well, not active anymore, but it was when these
>>>> files were obtained. These seem to be mp3 files with some strange stuff
>>>> at the beginning, because simply renaming the file extension doesn't
>>>> allow them to be played, but I can easily convert them with ffmpeg. Any
>>>> help would be greatly appreciated.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Kendell Clark
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