kendell clark coffeekingms at
Thu Mar 17 12:26:42 UTC 2016

hi all
My name is kendell clark, and I've been using linux for the past 5
years. I joined this list because I want to help improve the existing
mime database for a number of file types. I'd like to add the following
mime types: application/x-psp-rom, which will correspond to a psp
(playstation portable) game disk image. application/x-dtb, which will
correspond to a daisy digital talking book. This will be split up into
two types, one for daisy 2.02 books and one for daisy 3.0. I'd also like
to improve a number of game mime types by adding a unique string which
identifies that type of file, rather than depending on the file
extension alone. I'm completely new to all of this, so how would this be
done? Hex editor? The daisy mime types are also a challenge. The xml
tags are very similar to epub, in fact, many epub books contain some
daisy markup. I'd like some help with this if possible.  The psp mime
type will be a little tricky since the file extension is usually .iso,
but I can add a unique string if I can find one. I love how linux can
uniquely identify gamecube and wii images this way. My last question
concerns a problem I've noticed. there are mime types for audio
players,  cd drives, etc. Instead of showing up as these mime types when
inserted, orca says "unknown" when encountering them in computer://.
Kendell Clark

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