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Thu Mar 17 13:29:58 UTC 2016

Thanks for your help. How would I go about getting a unique string of
data, integer, text string, whatever to add to the mime type to make it
unique? Most of the mime types I want to add are binary so can't be
opened in a traditional text editor, and I know little about hex
editors. I'd like to also improve xcontent/* mime types so that they're
more accurate, as far as I can tell by looking in mime-editor they have
directory structure matches set with a priority of 50, but nothing there
to match. That's in addition to my psp mime type and daisy  dtb (digital
talking book) mime types.
Kendell Clark

Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> Hi Kendell,
> On Thu, Mar 17, 2016, at 12:26 PM, kendell clark wrote:
>> I'm completely new to all of this, so how would this be
>> done? Hex editor?
> The XDG Mime data is written in an XML format in the shared-mime-info
> repository:
> That is then used to generate the binary indexes of mimetypes, so you
> shouldn't need to edit those directly.
> Thomas
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