a hard bug to track down

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 07:28:26 UTC 2016

hi all
I've been engaged in creating an xdg compliant sound theme for my linux
distribution, sonar gnu linux. I've downloaded the sound naming speck
from freedesktop.org and verified that all sounds comply with the names.
However,  some of the sounds do not play. I use the mate desktop, and
the following sounds do not play. Log in, log out, window new,  window 
close, trash empty, complete copy, item deleted, shut down,
system-ready, system-bootup, battery-caution, menu-popup and
menu-popdown (except in firefox and thunderbird), and button toggle-on
and button-toggle-off. I'm writing this hear because I need advice on
which component to file the bug against. Is this a libcanberra bug, or a
component in mate that's not playing the sounds like they're supposed
to? i've already asked the mate people and they have no idea, insisting
that the sounds should play. I've verified that my sound theme (named
sonar) has been selected in the sound settings, under sound effects, and
that "enable window and button sounds" is checked. If I launch gnome,
the log in sound plays, but the others I mentioned don't. Does anyone
have any ideas? PS: I hope this is the appropriate list for posting such
things. If not, please accept my apology. If anyone wants a copy of the
sound theme, which is a little over a megabyte, I'd be happy to attach
it to an email to the list, but I won't do so unless requested to cut
down on moderator effort.
Kendell Clark

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