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Sat Apr 8 19:54:07 UTC 2017

Today I have been informed that the CoC named the "Contributor
convenant" has been added to the wiki.

I am surprised to see such liberticide rules were applied and I was
looking to see if there was any discussion about it.
The only discussion that I have found in the mailing list is from 2014:

I don't say that the CoC by itself has bad intentions but the way it is
often used are unethical and counter productive.

Examples of that is described by EsR is the kafkatrap problem:
and the honey trap that was tried some time ago against Mr.Torvalds:

For a more recent example their was also the Drupal community that
persecuted one of their members because of personal private matters that
wasn't interfering with the said community.
They outed that person because of irrelevant data and their own
And they even transgressed their own CoC for that.

I would like to discuss this subject because it is likely that multiple
projects on freedesktop will be stirred for external ideologies and will
bring upon themselves the same problems (if not worse) that was brought
on many other projects or developers who acknowledged to impose a CoC
that provides unjust power to those who seeks to use it.

I wish you all a good day.

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