xdg Digest, Vol 157, Issue 3

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Apr 11 11:26:09 UTC 2017

Hi to whoever lives under this pseudonym,

On 10 April 2017 at 13:35, Lazarus Long <raider_56 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> ā€ˇWould those CoC prohibit the creation of malware based on DBUS, UnionFS, ConsoleKit, PolicyKit and a few others, using freedesktop.org to load these malware modules? Then I'm all for it.
> You folks are really something.

Regardless of your opinion of software design, characterising
everyone's efforts as 'malware' is not OK. The term is very well
defined, and trolling isn't welcome here.

Replying to two other mails on the thread, which I don't have to hand:

We should've done a better job at announcing this. I am now in the
process of contacting all our member projects, of which there are
surprisingly many, to go through this change with them. In the
meantime some more details are at

The accusations levelled against the Ada Initiative by ESR, a noted
non-contributor of code to this and many other communities, would be
laughable if they weren't so insanely libellous. If the desire is to
be able to have unimpeded technical discussions, then accusing
external people (with absolutely no evidence) of trying to set up fake
sexual assults for ... well, I have no idea what anyone stands to gain
out of that, or why they would do that (neither does ESR), is really
not a great way to go about it. I can only offer my assurance that I
haven't introduced the CoC as a vehicle to either a) level fake sexual
assault allegations for unclear motives, or b) try to destroy the
livelihoods of others by doing the same.

Constructive feedback on the specific form and wording of the CoC is
more than welcome. What would be even better is if you're able to
point to the experiences of other communities, the discussions they've
had, and where they landed. The exact wording isn't irreversibly set
in stone, and I'm sure we'll want to be tweaking it over time. What is
set in stone is that we (the fd.o admins, who unanimously approved
this change) are committed to this CoC, and will not be turning back
from it.


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