The place of mimeinfo.cache in freedesktop specs

Maxwell Anselm silverhammermba at
Mon Apr 24 13:59:52 UTC 2017

> I also found that xdg-open does not take mimeinfo.cache files into
> account, so applications that use xdg-open sometimes fail to properly open
> programs associated with the url unless association is in mimeapps.list.

If the standard is being followed, mimeapps.list is what xdg-open should be
reading from since it determines which application is the default opener of
each MIME type. mimeinfo.cache is only used as a shortcut to find all
applications associated with a MIME type (without re-scanning every
.desktop file); it should not be relied on to determine default

At least on Arch Linux, mimeinfo.cache is automatically rebuilt whenever
desktop applications are added/removed. I would expect that other
distributions work similarly.
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