Bypass events and get the physical keyboard state directly

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Tue Feb 21 07:59:36 UTC 2017

On Tue, 21 Feb 2017 12:19:27 +1300
Bryan Baldwin <bryan at> wrote:

> Yup, the encryption was an automagickal client mistake.
> And I understand all your points, and don't disagree with the
> security model. I just don't think that the people and the software
> that are assuming responsibility for system security should be. I'm
> not afraid to go and look, then tear it up and write my own thing if
> its a good use of time. I think its going to be a very good use of
> time these days ;)
> For posterity, the input problem I had is a bug in SDL2. Pressing and
> holding down a key was not producing events with the repeat flag set.
> It produced pairs of keydown & pressed - keyup & released events
> without the repeat flag set. These events continued to be send long
> after the key was physically released. It is an untenable expectation
> for the application to track key state with garbage input.
> This is a known SDL2 bug affecting at least verisons 2.0.4
> and 2.0.5.
> There is a patch I've tested locally on my own system, and it works.

Hi Bryan,

I am glad you found the culprit and told us what it is. I would have
never guessed it to be an SDL bug caused by such subtle interactions.

Happy hacking!

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