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> Carries an ARGB32 binary representation of the icon, the format of icon
>> data used in this specification is described in Section Icons
>> All the icons can be transferred over the bus by a particular
>> serialization of their data, capabe of representing multiple resolutions of
>> the same image or a brief aimation of images of the same size.
>> Icons are transferred in an array of raw image data structures of
>> signature a(iiay) whith each one describing the width, height, and image
>> data respectively. The data is represented in ARGB32 format and is in the
>> network byte order, to make easy the communication over the network between
>> little and big endian machines.
> Apparently even this part is not clear from specification - ARGB32 data
can be premultiplied. So one item provides premultiplied data, next one not
premultiplied. How hosts should deal with that?

Alberts Muktupāvels
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