Registration of Budgie Desktop within XDG Spec

Ikey Doherty ikey at
Tue Jun 27 14:37:48 UTC 2017


I've not seen activity on my bugs so I'm hopeful to bring them up here and
gain traction:

Both bugs come with patches which in turn recognise `Budgie` as a known
desktop environment.

Budgie Desktop is a desktop environment currently using GNOME technologies
as a base, and will move
away from that base with Budgie 11. Budgie has been in active development
since December 2013,
and is present in the repositories of Solus (The home of Budgie), Debian,
Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

For inclusion into other distributions we need the Budgie key to be
recognised by the validation tools,
i.e. RPM distributions.


- ikey

 - Solus Project Founder
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