[Freedesktop-sdk] Freedesktop sdk aka 'tiny base runtime' project

Laurence Urhegyi laurence.urhegyi at codethink.co.uk
Mon Oct 30 18:26:46 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

On 30/10/17 10:49, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Thiago's questions would be good to have an elaborated answer on.

Let me know if Emmet and Tristan's respective explanations leave 
anything uncovered.

> I'd ideally suggest establishing the goals of the SDK in terms of what
> it's meant to provide to external users.
Good point. We should emphasize the benefits to users better than I 
have. Tristan's point is pertinent here: the benefit is the reduced 
overhead from maintaining only one set of metadata.

> What kind of hardware? Is that something you'd expect from fd.o, or
> would you reuse, e.g. flathub and GNOME Continuous? Do you need
> hosting, or build machines, or test runners, or ... ?

Setting up a runner for each architecture will be required. I expect 
that we can re-use what's already in use, yes, rather than needing to 
acquire anything new. Therefore we're not expecting anything from fd.o 
to this end.

> fd.o already has a Code of Conduct here, which we expect all new
> projects to abide by:
> https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeOfConduct/

Thanks. These notes are just capturing discussions had: we would of 
course stick to that Code of Conduct.

> If you have any specific input or suggestions, these would be welcome.


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