Consider adding license information to wiki contents?

Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Fri Apr 13 07:16:41 UTC 2018

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, at 2:03 AM, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> Several weeks have passed and seems that there's no progress here; the mail 
> copy sent to original discussion participants got no replies and one of the 
> email address also bounces.

I get the impression that no-one really feels ownership or responsibility for XDG. When GNOME or KDE developers chime in, they tend to drive the discussion, but I don't know who, if anyone, focuses on improving the Freedesktop wiki and specifications.

I think this is a pity, and I hope someone can tell me that I'm wrong. :-)

> It would be great if anyone could help me get into contact with the 
> original 
> author of 

Looking through the mailing list thread linked from that spec, it looks like Federico Mena Quintero was one of the main people involved in writing it. His GitHub profile lists an email address: .


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