some issues with mime types

kendell clark coffeekingms at
Sun Jun 3 03:12:28 UTC 2018

hi all

I play a lot of emulated game consoles, from regular nintendo, nes to
playstation 2, ps2. The freedesktop mime database has no magic detection
for nes, snes, wanderswan, some of the older atari rom types, and
doesn't support ps1 or 2 rom images, nor xbox images. I'd like to help
improve this. I have a couple of ps1 and one ps2 roms I can provide, so
a magic sequence can be found, because of now caja identifies everything
with a .bin extension as a "sega cd disk image" when they clearly
aren't. This doesn't affect playability, I just use mednafen or pcsx2 to
open the files but it is a little bit confusing. Also, does anyone have
any desire to improve the set of generic icons for game image files? I
know that game titles are probably copyright in terms of logos and such,
but is it possible to provide a blank NES cartridge, or a blank Snes
cartridge, blank sega cartridge, etc to use as icons instead of the
generic executible icon? Same for gamecube, wii and playstationa nd xbox
rom images, if those get added? I have blank dvd's, I'd be happy to take
pictures of them and remove any branding, and I also have a couple of
gamecube mini disks, I could do the same thing. I'd also be interested
in helping improve the existing mime database.


Kendell Clark

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