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Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Tue May 1 10:38:28 UTC 2018

I came across this page, linked from the homepage:

There seem to be a number of discrepancies, if my understanding of various standards is correct:

- The desktop notifications spec isn't mentioned at all. Gnome hosts a copy of it ( ), but it is all based around the reversed domain name org.freedesktop.Notifications, so I assume it's an XDG specification?
- I think some of the specs should have graduated into the 'de facto agreement' category some time ago - e.g the file manager DBus interface, or icon naming, or the MPRIS media player interface. There are probably others, too, but I don't know which.
- Some can move from 'planning' to 'used by one or more', e.g. secret storage.
- Others should probably be retracted or deprecated. I won't try to name any in case I'm wrong, but there are quite a few I've never heard of that don't seem to have been touched in years.

I'd also like to add information to each spec about which major implementations support it, something like the browser compatibility tables MDN provides:

Even if there ambiguities and caveats, it's easier for someone to notice that it's out of date and change it than vague categories like "pretty good de facto adoption".


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