Taking over xdg-utils

Piotr Karbowski piotr.karbowski at protonmail.ch
Mon Dec 30 16:25:42 UTC 2019


It appears that xdg-utils is dead upstream, handful of merge requests
(mine including) rots waiting for comments/merge, no new commits being
pushed to repo either.

I am considering forking xdg-utils and maintaining it for Gentoo, but it
could be much better if I could maintain the original project, if no one
else does, if possible so something beside Gentoo could benefit from it.

I am not sure to whom should I reach, I've mailed a few people who's
commits recent in repo but did not got a single response.

So, xdg list, how can one take over supposedly dead xdg-utils

-- Piotr.

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