Desktop category for Crypto Wallet

Marketa Calabkova mcalabkova at
Mon Mar 4 16:16:49 UTC 2019


although the main boom is over (I think), crypto currencies are still
popular and many people use it. So it could be nice to add a new desktop
menu for the crypto currency wallets and possibly some related stuff.

It could be Crypto Wallets, Crypto Currencies or whatever sounds best.
It could be located in Office:Finance. We could also create a new
category Cryptography (maybe Cryptocurrencies or some other name) which
could be used with Utility (for miners) and Office (for wallets).

What do you think? I can also create a bug at Freedesktop Bugzilla, but
only in case this change looks reasonable for you. So I am looking
forward to the discussion.


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