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I  have a dream and wrote it down as spec:

Feedback is welcome




This spec describes a simple way to give a directory an index file. This 
index file can be used to create a preview of this directory.

It can be used for a preview if you use a cloud storage like nextcloud 
or seafile. Or it can be used as preview on the desktop.


    Supported formats

The index file can have one of these names:

  * index.html
  * index.txt

The file ending has this meaning:

  * html: HTML file
  * txt: utf8 text file
  * md: Markdown markup language


    Support in full text search

If the system which contains a directory "foo-dir" with an index-file 
"index.X" (X can be one of the supported endings) does provide a full 
text search, then the text in the index file should be indexed. If a 
search term matches a term in the index-file, then the match should mean 
'you have found directory "foo-dir"' and not "you have found the file 

The content of the index file should be rendered above the other files 
in this directory.


    #hashtag support

Words in this file which start with the hashtag sign (#) should be 
treated like hashtags.

Hashtags should be rendered and act like hyperlinks. If a user clicks on 
a hashtag, the user should be able to see the other index files which 
have this hashtag.


    Example usecase

UseCase: A user stores his images in a directory tree according to this 
format: YYYY/YYYY-MM/YYYY-MM-DD/ (Y means year, M means month, D means day)

A concrete index file could be: 2018/2018-12/2018-12-31/index.txt

The content of this could could be:

|Celebrating new year with #Peter and #Mary. |

There is an other index file like this: 
2019/2019-02/2019-02-03/index.txt with this content:

|Cooking with #Peter |

The user interface should provide a simple way to navigate through the 
files which have the same hashtag.

In this example both files have the hashtag #Peter.


    Where I would like to see this implemented

I would like to see this implemented in my favorite tools:

  * GNOME Desktop Environment
  * Nextcloud: open file hosting

Thomas Guettler
I am looking for feedback:

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