Proposal: add "spoken name" to desktop entries

chance chanslor at
Thu Oct 3 17:15:43 UTC 2019

Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> > Proposal: add a [Spoken Name] field to .desktop files, for use by
> > "virtual assistants."
> > 
> Do you think
> [Spoken Name]
> Name=foo...
> or
> Spoken Name=foo
> Spoken Name[de]=foo de
> In the second case, you should also consider "Spoken GenericName" or
> even "Spoken Comment" for more intelligent assistant that can guess
> and ask.

I'm inclined toward the second case, and I agree with you. Some
developers don't seem inclined to thoroughly populate their desktop
entries as things are, and I suspect that isolating those fields would
call attention to the most important one.

Regarding guessing and asking, I'm having some success as it stands, in
that the thing can do fuzzy matching. Working on something like 80%+
confidence, and returning the top X matches, it almost always hits the
right program, but it doesn't always hit the right program first.

For example, right now, if I ask it to "launch libre writer", it asks
about kwrite first, and "LibreOffice 6.3 Writer" second. They might ask
users to compromise for an exact hit with something like, "LibreOffice
Writer," but a more specific desktop entry would certainly reduce those
cases. It would also save the virtual assistant from reading out, "Did
you mean LibreOffice 6.3 Writer?" <yes> "Launching LibreOffice 6.3

It might make sense to permit multiple names, for the same reason. I dunno.

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