Notification quick reply DBus API

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Wed Feb 5 15:12:54 UTC 2020


 > Right, I imagine just
 > "quick-reply": 1

You mean I add an "inline-reply" action with an appropriate label and 
then add this hint which then tells it to actually really make it an 
inline reply?

 > Actually no you don't, unsupported hints are just ignored. Not sure 
anyone has ever made use of the category hint but nothing explodes when 
you specify it

In your hints case, yes.

 > Except you've now had to sniff the server before sending the 
notification otherwise the server will happily present a broken action

Everybody does that anyway.

 > Well if you where using using inline/quick replies you would be 
expecting a inline-reply::* invocation (though this would possibly 
require $notifyclient to do work to support it)

Sure, you'd have to update your app either way, so changing action 
handling or adding a new handler doesn't really make a difference, does it?

Ok, so, to sum up, an app should:

* Add an action named inline-reply like normal.
* Add a hint "inline-reply: true" which will tell the server to treat 
this action special
* If the server doesn't support it, it will just invoke it as a regular 
* If the server supports it, it will invoke it as "inline-reply::Reply 
text goes here" which the app will then have to fish out the text, which 
it will do since it was explicitly coded to send this hint?

Sounds good.

Kai Uwe

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