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> You mean I add an "inline-reply" action with an appropriate label and 
> then add this hint which then tells it to actually really make it an 
> inline reply?

No, you just don't have an action because you don't need one

> I think we also should have an inline-reply-placeholder-text or similar
hint which governs what the text field should say, e.g. "Type a reply...".

Well instead of "quick-reply": 1 you could do "quick-reply": "Type a reply..."
as the presence of the hint already sets it if-you-see-what-i-mean

> Everybody does that anyway.

Have you got an example? I have never seen that done anywhere (what are these
actions even doing?)

> Sure, you'd have to update your app either way, so changing action 
> handling or adding a new handler doesn't really make a difference, does it?

Right, but I was meaning the platform libraries rather than apps (i.e.
GNotification doesn't have a can-inline-replay property)

> * Add an action named inline-reply like normal.
> * Add a hint "inline-reply: true" which will tell the server to treat 
> this action special

These where two different approaches really

> * If the server doesn't support it, it will just invoke it as a regular 
> action

Right if you've added some magic action and the server doesn't know it's magic
it will just be presented as a button (and possibly clicked) like any other

> * If the server supports it, it will invoke it as "inline-reply::Reply 
> text goes here" which the app will then have to fish out the text, which 
> it will do since it was explicitly coded to send this hint?

... if we go for the magic action approach yes

Really we have two different proposals here

Proposal 1: Magic Action

* Add "inline-reply" capability
* When "inline-reply" supported
  * Add the magic ("inline-reply", "Type a reply...") action
  * User submits reply
  * Application gets ActionInvoked(id, "inline-reply::the-entered-text")

Proposal 2: Hint

* Add "inline-reply" capability
* Add org.freedesktop.Notification.Reply(id, message)
* Regardless of "inline-reply" support
  * Add the "inline-reply": "Type a reply..." hint
  * User submits reply
  * Application gets Reply(id, "the-entered-text")

Must admit I'm starting to favour the hint

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