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Wed Feb 5 17:11:16 UTC 2020


> or we do a combination:
> * Add "inline-reply" capability
> * Add "inline-reply" action
> * Regardless of "inline-reply" support
>      * Add the "inline-reply": "Type a reply..." hint
>      * Then when replied, app gets ActionInvoked(id, "inline-reply::the 
> entered text")
>      * If server doesn't supoprt, it will be a regular button for it and 
> the app gets ActionInvoked(id, "inline-reply")

But when it falls back to a button the name "inline-reply" makes less sense and
now your app has to popup it's own dialogue

Overall I like this approach though

> I still want a relationship between an action and the reply feature.

Not sure what your saying here?

> You can have e.g. "Mute", "Remind", "Reply" (and only the latter will open a 
> reply field).

I imagined something more like

│ ☐ Messages            × │
│ John Smith              │
│   Hello                 │
││ Reply...              ││
│    Mute    │   Remind   │

But of course implementations would be free to do whatever they feel like,
including nothing

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