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Zander Brown zbrown at
Wed Feb 5 17:25:02 UTC 2020

> With your approach it's either inline reply, or nothing, when not supported.

Indeed, this hybrid solution handles that quite nicely (and they user doesn't
need to know that the "Reply" button activates inline-reply internally and from
a server perspective it's just a regular action

And I guess your app already has some way to reply so you can just focus that

Personally I'm now quite happy with...

> * Add "inline-reply" capability
> * Add "inline-reply" action
> * Regardless of "inline-reply" support
>      * Add the "inline-reply": "Type a reply..." hint
>      * Then when replied, app gets ActionInvoked(id, "inline-reply::the 
> entered text")
>      * If server doesn't support, it will be a regular button for it and 
> the app gets ActionInvoked(id, "inline-reply")

... but I guess we'll see what others have to say :-)

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