XDG Default Applications specification proposal

Roman Chistokhodov freeslave93 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 16:44:07 UTC 2020

I don't think there's a need in defining default applications if other
applications have no other way to interact with them other than just
launching. The opening a file/directory/uri in another app is already
covered by different spec. Launching a recorder/calendar/calculator does
not make much sense if the app does not pass any arguments to them and does
not interact with them afterwards in some way. I can imagine an interaction
with a calendar, like adding a note for some date, but this is a topic for
a separate spec or defining a special d-bus interface (similar to MPRIS
used by media players).
The only thing that is really missing is the definition of default terminal
emulator, needed when running .desktop files with Terminal=true property.
Custom file managers just have no way to deal with this problem other than
hard-coding some terminal emulator names.
I contributed to a reference implementation of the aforementioned
xdg-terminal-exec, but it seems the idea was never embraced. People
regularly return to the issue of finding a default terminal emulator but we
still don't have any adopted solution.
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