Standardisation of cgroup usage for user applications

Benjamin Berg benjamin at
Tue Sep 1 15:11:15 UTC 2020


thanks for the mail.

On Tue, 2020-08-25 at 17:02 +0100, David Edmundson wrote:
> Given there is realistically only one cgroup controller out there
> with user access the current discussions have been happening on
> systemd, with a draft specification here: 
> This email is meant purely as a heads-up that we're having an ongoing
> discussion about something that is cross-desktop which participants
> on this mailing list might not be aware of. Long term we can look at
> hotlinking or moving the specification onto
> when it enters a stable state.

I think the systemd document is quickly becoming a de-facto standard at
this point. It is already starting to become difficult to change some
aspects at this point.

The interesting part will be how to reference or absorb it into the XDG
standards. Can we do so by creating a new XDG standard that defines how
systemd integration should be handled?

Other than that, I suspect the main XDG standards affected are:
 * autostart-spec:
   Proper integration of services into DEs will eventually require
   going through systemd. This makes sense for proper integration, but
   also allows us to pass XDG autostart handling to systemd.

   Really, this mostly requires defining best-practices.

 * desktop-entry-spec:
   In order to suggest that integration can happen by using D-Bus
   activation and then providing a systemd service file.

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